Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Military Chaplaincy

Dr. Page Brooks

Being both a minister and an army reserve chaplain, I have seen how the skills I learned being an army chaplain applied to my civilian ministry. In fact, I would say that my civilian ministry has been significantly sharpened by my military education.

Through my military education I was taught leadership, organization, motivation, and decision analysis. At the same time, my civilian education significantly impacted my military ministry and career by equipping me with much needed skills and qualifications.

What about those ministers who have previous military chaplain experience and want to pursue further education? Or what if a chaplain who is currently serving on active duty or in the reserves wants to pursue an advanced degree? New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) has a solution! The professional doctoral programs office has recently approved advanced standing for qualified applicants with previous military education.

If you have completed the O-3 level chaplain’s course, or higher, for any branch of the United States military, you may be able to receive up to 9 hours credit in the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program at NOBTS. This credit may be granted for either active duty or reserve status educational training. NOBTS is also a participant of Veteran’s Administration Financial Assistance and Tuition Assistance programs, so military members may use their G.I. Bill and other monies toward the degree.

NOBTS recognizes this valuable education and allows you to strengthen your skills by receiving credit for your military qualifications. The chaplain military education credit may be used for any of the D.Min. specializations at NOBTS. Please consult with our Professional Doctoral Programs Office for further questions or to start your application today. Call the Professional Doctorate Recruiting Administrator (800) 662-8701 ext 3728 or complete the D.Min. application request online at http://www.nobts.edu/cme/DMin/dmin-application-request.html

About the author: Dr. Page Brooks serves as assistant professor of theology at NOBTS, and is a Louisiana National Guard Chaplain currently serving with the 139th Regional Support Group. 

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